Biographical Information
Real Name: Unknown
Alias: Forge
Age: 27+
Species: Mutant
Status: Alive
Originally From: U.S.A.





kitty pride

Physical Description
Gender: Male
Hair color: Black
Eye color: Brown
Height: 6'0"
Character Information
Powers: Superhuman intuitive talent at inventing mechanical devices
Genius-level intelligence
Equipment: Arm blaster
First appearance: Hindsight" Pt. 3
Portrayed by: Roger Craig Smith

Forge is a mutant and the mechanic of the X-men


Forge is usually cheerful and has a sense of humor. His happiness comes when he fixes his machines but gets replaced by misery when they are ruined.

Forge is sometimes eager, mostly when it comes to him being on missions.

Physical appearanceEdit

Forge has black hair with a beard and mustache. He has brown eyes and Caucasian skin. Forge has a robotic arm and leg.

He wears a gold and blue uniform, but in stealth mode he wears a black version of his costume.


When Wolverine re-assembled the X-Men, Forge became the resident gadget guy. He repaired Cerebro and the Danger room after the institute was destroyed. He also created a new version of the Black Bird which was destroyed forcing him to rebuild it again. He did not usually go on missions due to his lack of experience in the field. However, he was always keen to prove himself and aid the X-men. On one of the few occasions he went on a mission, he accompanied Shadowcat and Wolverine where he hacked into the Mastermold IT system. However, when Kitty tried to hide him, she dumped him in the back of an MRD truck and therefore was forced to rescue him later on.

He was very protective over his work and warned Wolverine to be careful with it. When the X-men went to find Storm, Forge appeared to warn them, possibly out of an emotional attachment to Storm. Forge also invented a collar that could temporarily de-power mutants. The collar was used successfully to calm Magma as she was being chased through the streets by the MRD, and it later became the target of Dr. Kavita who hired Gambit to steal it.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit


Inteligence: Forge has the mutant power to invent anything


Expert mechanic: Forge is a good mechanic, he is the one who fixed Cerebro and the Blackbird



Wolverine is the one who tells Forge what to fix. While Forge has great respect for Logan, he doesn't like it when Wolverine ruins the blackbird or takes it out after already being finished


Forge may have a crush on kitty but hasn't been proven yet.