Julian Keller aka Hellion is a mutant and an X-Men of the future led by Professor X.

Biographical Information
Real Name: Julian Keller
Alias: Hellion
Age: Unknown (Most likely 20-30 years old)
Species: Mutant
Status: Alive (Original Timeline)

Alive (Revised Timeline)

Originally From: Unknown



Future X-Men


Sentinels, Prowlers, Master Mold



Physical Description
Gender: Male
Hair color: Brown
Eye color: Brown/Hazel
Height: Unknown
Character Information
Powers: Advanced Telekinesis
First appearance: Future X
Portrayed by: Roger Craig Smith

The Future Edit

Hellion was being held at a Sentinel camp along with Bishop, Magma, Sarah and a few others. When Professor X came, he, along with the other mutants like Magma and Professor X, had their neck collars placed to disable their abilities. Hellion tried to retaliate, but was defeated and taken by a sentinel to the inside. There, he was strapped to the chair and his powers were absorbed by a machine, reproducing his powers. His powers were then put into a sentinel.

When Professor X and Bishop infiltrate the building, the professor frees him. After being freed, Hellion says that he needs some time to recover but the professor says there is no time, as the Sentinels start to enter the building. The professor tells Hellion to use his powers, but he says he can't because he has nothing left of them(they were absorbed by the machine). However, Hellion saves the professor and himself at the last second by making a kinetic energy shield, protecting them from several blasts. Before the Sentinels continue to attack, Bishop saves them and they escape the building.

He and all of the other mutants in the camp escaped the building thanks to the help of Vanisher and Berseker.

To be Continued

Physical Appearance Edit

Hellion wears a grey shirt marked with a red "M", grey pants, and brown boots. He has brown hair and eyes.

Powers Edit

Advanced Telekinesis: Hellion is classified as a first-class telekinetic of extreme strength and magnitude. Before the mental blocks on his mind were unlocked by Emma Frost, he was able to telekinetically move, levitate, control, and manipulate people, and multiple inanimate objects with mere thought via his hands or eyes alone. Hellion can use his telekinesis to create shields and destructive blasts of concussive force. His telekinesis is accompanied by a bright green kinetic signature, and the objects that are being manipulated are surrounded by a bright green aura.