Hindsight (Part 1)
Season 1, Episode 1
Air date September 6, 2008 (Canada)

January 23, 2009 (USA)

Written by Greg Johnson and Craig Kyle
Directed by Boyd Kirkland
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Hindsight (part 1) is the first episode for Wolverine and the X-men. It was aired on January 23 2009. It is divided into three parts

Plot summaryEdit

After the X-men disbanded a year ago, Logan saves a family and realises the X-men must reunite. Unfortunatly, it's easier said than done when the former members do not want to return


The episode starts at the Xaiver institute were Shadowcat, Colossus and Nightcrawler are. They end up trapped by Logan who says "It's just his way of saying good-bye". Logan goes outside where Scott Summers and Jean Grey are arguing. Scott apologizes to Jean who says it' Logan he should be apologizing to. Logan ignores them and looks at Professor X and Storm. The professor starts clutching his head as well as Jean, Logan started running towards the professor until a huge explosion appeared. Logan woke up under a tree, it had been a year since the accident, he got up and waved to a girl then he rode his motorcycle. On the way he head an explosion. Logan tried to ignore it but decided to investigate.

Turns out, it was the little girl's trailer. He manages to save the little girl, Ericka, but loses conscious. Someone tries to report him to the MRD but the girl's father, Randy decides to take Logan with them.

Logan wakes up in the family's house where Ericka gives him a glass of water. The MRD arrest the family for helping the mutant and search for Logan who managed to escape.

Back at the mansion, Logan finds Beast in his lab and convinces him to save the family.

The duo manage to get inside and free the family along with other mutants. Logan hides the family in a new house and is about to leave when Ericka begs him to stay. He apologizes, saying he has to and goes back to the mansion where he informs Beast that it is time to bring back the X-men.