Mariko is Wolverine's former love interest as seen in the episode Code of Conduct (Episode 17). She is now married to the Silver Samurai (Kenuichio Harada). Wolverine had defeated Harada in a battle for Mariko's hand. But in the end, Mariko chose Harada over Wolverine. As she quoted in Code of Conduct, "Marrying him was the only honorable thing to do."  If she had married Wolverine, it would not be honourable to her family as he is not a samurai. In order to become a Yakuza clan leader, Harada had to defeat all the enemies that had defeated him before. Being defeated by Wolverine, the clan forces Wolverine to battle Harada to the death. Mariko still has feelings for Wolverine as when she thought Wolverine was to be killed, she was weeping. In the end, it was revealed the real reason she left Wolverine was because the Yakuza would've killed them both if she had chosen him. Mariko still loves Wolverine and (quite possibly) Wolverine is still in love with her.