Tildie Soames
Tildie Soames (Wolverine)
Biographical Information
Real Name: Tildie Soames
Age: 13
Species: Mutant
Status: Alive
Originally From: U.S.A.






Physical Description
Gender: Female
Hair color: Red
Eye color: Blue
Character Information
Powers: manifest her own nightmares, and could bring her dreams to life.
First appearance: Battle Lines
Portrayed by: Danielle Judovits

Tildie Soames is a young mutant who was locked up by the M.R.D and rescued by the X-Men.


Tildie is very shy and often scared, which results in her losing control of her powers which is why she must keep calm. But she can also be innocent and fun loving such as at the end of "Battle Lines" after being taken into the X-Mansion, she was seen chasing around a dragonfly with Rogue watching by.

Physical AppearanceEdit

Tildie is a petite Caucasian girl in her early teens with auburn hair that has medium bangs, curls on the sides, and is always in a pony tail, blue eyes, fair skin and wears a blue sleeveless top that has a butterfly in the center, blue sweatpants with white stripes and matching shoes. When her powers are unleashed, Tildie enters a sleep-like state as her entire body is in the base of a red exoskeleton that takes the shape of a towering 50-foot glowing monster.


She is shown locked up in a sealed box that was watched over by Kavita Rao at the Mutant Response Division's facility Mystique reported the problem, Magneto sent Juggernaut to break the box open and implant her with a device to make her lose control over her mutant abilities. A dark red gigantically huge monster manifested from Tildie's nightmares, knocked Juggernaut into the city and then went on a rampage. Wolverine discovered her in the monster and Emma Frost was able to infiltrate her mind. Rogue absorbed the abilities of Shadowcat and Juggernaut and used them to enter the monster. Once Rogue got into the monster, she removed the device as Tildie told her that she can't stop the monster. Rogue then uses her absorption ability on Tildie which stops the monster. Tildie is currently living with the X-Men to learn how to better control her abilities.

In "Backlash," Shadowcat looked after Tildie so that she wouldn't go monster while the X-Men are away. She managed to keep the girl calm and hidden while she took care of an MRD raid. In "Foresight, Part 3" Tildie appeared with the rest of the X-Men and met up with Professor X for the first time.